CompleteHDD is committed to providing superior results to our customers. That is not possible without a comprehensive safety system in place to ensure the well being of our employees and partners. At all times, our employees’ partners’ and the public’s safety and well being is our foremost concern.

Competent Personel

All employees of CompleteHDD are subjected to continuing education and training, both in the field and the classroom. No employee is allowed to conduct operations outside of their capabilities. When assuming a new role, or receiving a promotion, the employee is assigned a competent, highly-skilled supervisor until he or she is fully capable in their new roll.

Modern & Maintained Equipment

All of our drills, trucks, and support equipment is late-model; We upgrade our drills and trucks regularly to ensure we have the most modern and efficient equipment available for any job. We have full-time shop staff, including welders and mechanics that maintain our entire fleet. Stringent inspection and maintenance protocols ensure all of our equipment shows up in proper working order to complete your job safely.

Procedures & Documentation

Every task any of our workers performs is outlined in our comprehensive JHA manual. The day’s tasks, hazards, and procedures are discussed every morning, and documented on our Tailgate Meeting form. If a situation changes, and introduces a new hazard, employees step back, and discuss & document the changes before continuing on with the task at hand.

Proof of Commitment…

We are members of, or have received recognition from the following authorities: