330x500 on job site


Drilling & Boring

CompleteHDD Specializes in underground crossings – wether that’s to get a fibre line across a driveway, or a 36″ pipeline under a river. We have the machines, personal, and know-how to get the job done safely, efficiently, and in a way that minimizes impact on the surrounding environment.

Design & Consulting

There are some things that only come with experience. Knowing the geology of specific areas. What types of mud systems and reamers work best, and knowing the material properties of different types of pipe and conduit are some of those. We are able to provide you with an end-to-end solution, including computerized bore paths, and detailed execution plans to make sure the project goes exactly as the client envisions it. Often times, this experience and capability reduces the need for outside engineering, saving costs and time on your project.

Fluid Management

During the drilling process, large amounts of fluid are used to clear the bore-hole of cuttings. We have reclaimers in our fleet, which allows us to recycle the drilling fluid, minimizing the need for adding fresh water and drastically reducing the amount of waste that needs to be disposed of.

Our fleet of equipment also includes custom-built track-hydrovac units, which allow for low-impact access to difficult terrain in the unlikely event a fluid release requires cleanup.

HDD Rig Fleet

Make & Model Pullback (lbs) Rotary (ft. lbs) Range (m)*
Vermeer 330×500 330,000 50,000 1600m
DitchWitch JT100AT 100,000 12,500 800m
100,000 12,000 800m
Universal 23×30 25,000 3,600 240m
Vermeer 20×22 20,000 2,200 220m
Universal 15×22 15,000 2,200 200m
Ditch Witch JT5 5,000 550 50m
*Range Ratings are subject to change depending on ground conditions, bore diameter, and other factors and are for reference only.